Harmful Elements to Avoid When Buying Hair Products

13 Jul


Maintaining good health begins with you because you are in control of the products that you use on your body.  You should take your time to go through the ingredients of the hair product you want to buy because some of the ingredients outfit for you to use. You cannot avoid all the products, but you can limit the number of harmful substances that you use in the hair products.  You should learn and practice the healthy routines for the hair and scalp.  You can avoid some of the hair products with the following elements.

 The suitable hair product at https://www.beautyboxdirect.com should not have parabens.   Manufacturers of beauty products  like deodorant, shampoo, facials, and much more use paraben as a preservative.  Bacteria, yeast, and mound is inhibited from growth because of paraben.  Breast cancer cells thrive wHere there are parabens.

 Avoid using hair products that are made of artificial colors.  Synthetic colors are used in the place of parabens as preservatives in the hair products.  Parabens are associated with cancer of the breast; therefore, you can use hair products that are made of synthetic colors instead.  Synthetic colors do react with the scalp or skin to cause scalp irritation and skin sensitivity respectively in some people.


Buy hair products at https://www.beautyboxdirect.com/eufora-nourish-beautifying-serum that have a little fragrance.  Your hair should you regularly wash when you're using fragmented hair products for that there does not turn smelly.  There are so many ingredients that manufacturers make up to create a unique fragment for their products. You should not perfume your hair too much because the fragrance is not suitable for your respiratory system.


Phthalates is used in making hairspray. Phthalates are included as fragrances in some hair sprays.  Avoid hair sprays that are made of these elements because they cause breast cancer.

Hair product especially shampoo that is made of sodium elements are unfit for use. Sodium laureth sulfate irritates the skin, eyes, and lungs.

Toluene is used in the manufacture of hair bleaching products.  Toluene deserves the paint and makes it lighter and thinner. The element is so harmful to your hair and scalp. Visit this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmetology for more info about beauty.


 Propylene glycol makes some of the hair products that have them so harmful to use. The itching and excessive dandruff is at times caused by the development of dermatitis when the skin is irritated by this element.

  The hair products with alcohol are not so good.  Excessive application of alcohol makes the hair to dry up and break.


DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (momoethnanolamine) and TEA (triethanolamine)  are also among the  elements that we should be cautious of when buying hair products.   Cells of cancer are spread by nitrates and  nitrosamines that are produced when the hormones are disrupted.

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